I started this online portal in late summer 2012 as a place to explain the diversity of my professional life and accomplishments, and to periodically write fresh posts about events, activities, and news–mostly related to education, the business of academics, or the intellectual life.  We in higher education, especially those of us at public institutions, have a special responsibility to our students and to the broader public.  And as my career continues to unfold, I find myself thinking more about not just a single dimension of what we do as faculty–teaching, research, and service–but about how those dimensions coalesce, overlap, and ultimately add value to society.

Briefly about me.  I grew up in eastern Pennsylvania, in an economy transforming from steel processing to…something else.  Bethlehem is very different place today than it was 25 years ago when I left, but it’s still a wonderful place.  I attended Penn State and graduated in 1991 with the BS and 1992 with the MS degrees, both in mechanical engineering.  I was at Purdue for my PhD from January 1993 until August of 1996, at which time I joined the faculty at the University of Cincinnati.  In January 2005, I came to University of Virginia.  Having exposure to these different institutions have been very informative–they are all public institutions, although quite different.

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