My role as the Associate Dean for Undergraduate Programs in SEAS affords me the opportunity to work closely with students, support them when they need help, connect them to opportunities and resources, and generally focus on the quality of the undergraduate student experience in the School.  It is quite difficult to articulate all the complexity of this job, but the document embedded below attempts to do so.  Please read it if you have the time, but the important features are: (i) student affairs, (ii) curriculum, and (iii) strategy.  All of these functions really revolve around an important principle: across these domains, my job is to help optimize the time of the faculty.  And achieving excellence in the execution of my job requires strong leadership in a lean-resource environment.

Student Affairs: this is the most time-intensive part of the AD job, as described in the document below.

  1. my primary function is to support students who need it, and connect them with opportunities, support, and resources
  2. my primary challenge is optimize faculty time by centralizing these services appropriately and engaging faculty only when necessary

Curriculum:  this is the most operationally-critical part of my job, as we work to provide students with the best preparation possible for their future.

  1. my primary function is to oversee the curriculum, particularly the core curriculum common to all first-year students, and ensure that it is delivered with both quality and efficiency (this includes accreditation)
  2. my primary challenge is to inspire the faculty to enthusiastically evolve the curriculum (by creating/modifying courses) and their delivery of it (by modernizing their pedagogy)

Strategy:  this is arguably the most important part of my job, as I work to anticipate future trends in engineering education, as well as resource needs for any future initiatives.

  1. my primary function is to anticipate the future needs of the engineering school and our students, and develop specific approaches to implement new, innovative ideas about engineering education
  2. my primary challenge here is the generally resource-lean environment in which we operate, and the overall stretch in faculty workload
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