Teaching is of course one of the central activities we undertake at the university.  We are quite fortunate to have available to us a large body of literature on teaching and learning, some of it specific to engineering education, and we can leverage that research to inform and improve our teaching.  You can read an extended narrative about how I approach teaching if you have the time.  The salient highlights are:

These ideas are all substantiated through the literature, in some cases decades worth of scholarly work.  Engineering education can be a subject of rigorous research, and as a topic is worthy of serious attention.  Teaching should not be something about which we have an “idea”, or an “opinion”, or a “philosophy”.  We have something better than opinion, speculation, or conjecture:  we have evidence.  And leveraging this evidence in the service of better learning should be a high priority for all faculty members.

Here is my classroom teaching record, summarized using the overall rating of instructor effectiveness as measured by end-of-semester student evaluations.

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